Established in 2008, Indigo Rock Marine Research Station is a Trust located on the Sheep's Head Peninsula, 90 km from Cork City.

The research activities at the Centre aim to enhance natural production in a sustainable way by developing innovative and sustainable approaches to solving some of the problems incurred by the aquaculture and fishing industry. The centre will also promote the environmentally friendly high quality products and practices developed by the production of models, protocols and certification schemes, which are needed to support the European Commission’s primary strategic objectives for 2005-2009.

"the particular need for an all-embracing maritime policy aimed at developing a thriving maritime economy, in an environmentally sustainable manner"


From a socio-economic point of view marine aquaculture generally takes place in pristine areas, remote from urban centres. Aquaculture has frequently created employment in financially depressed peripheral regions where jobs historically have been lost due to mechanisation of agriculture and fisheries.

The success of the research conducted will lead to better sustainable farming practices and hence increased efficiency and reduced production costs which will be important in securing the position of SMEs, this will safeguard jobs and strengthen these marine sectors.


Indigo Rock Marine Research Station
Gearhies, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland
Tel: 353 27 61276
Fax: 353 27 61264